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Gardening for Insects: Native Pollinator Garden Tour

The Ecological Landscape Alliance is hosting a native pollinator tour at the Kittery, Maine gardens of award-winning sculptor, landscape designer, nature photographer, and insect specialist Thomas Berger. Come by to get answers to important questions about structuring your home garden to meet the needs of insects, including “Which plants nourish the most species of insects and pollinators?” and “Which kinds of insects need our support most urgently?”

In Thomas’ work as a landscape and garden designer, he has paid particular attention to providing for two groups of insects: caterpillars, which are an incredibly important part of the food chain, and pollinators such as bees, who fulfill the essential function of pollinating both food crops and native plants.

In this tour, Thomas will help the group find samples of major groups of typical garden insects and will provide a demonstration on how to create memorable insect photographs.

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