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Green Art, Inc celebrated it's 20th anniversary in 2015. Since the beginning we have been an innovative leader in stone work and continue to offer practical and beautiful designs and installations.


Landscape Design:

Our design work is guided by a function-oriented approach to the property layout, including infrastructure and water management. The hardscaping plans provide suggestions for walkways, stairs, patios, driveways, walls, fences, pergolas and any other construction work that might be needed or desired. A partial plan would focus on just one area, for example the entrance area or the surroundings of a patio.

Our planting designs are rich in texture and color, and provide beauty and charm from spring to fall and even through the winter. In order to insure healthy, long lived plants we carefully consider all site conditions. Many of your customers wish for gardens that combine a degree of formality with abundant natural elements. At the same time we pay attention to reduced maintenance requirements.

Among our specialty gardens are pollinator gardens, water gardens, rock gardens and various styles of Miniature gardens.


Fine Stonework:

 Our customers benefit from our experience as one of the leading stone masonry businesses in the area. Our designs are based on a profound understanding of all the technical details that are relevant for stone masonry work and landscape construction. Our products are elegant walkways and patios, functional stairs, rustic retaining walls and freestanding walls, as well as fireplaces, water features, and more. Our work is of exceptional quality.


Promoting Nature is always on our minds: Gardens play an increasing role in providing wildlife habitat. We take great care to promote nature in the garden, from bacteria to bees to birds and bats! A healthy landscape is not possible without a healthy soil. Beneficial Bacteria and other microorganisms stand at the very beginning of the food chain that ends up nourishing beautiful butterflies and birds. Native plants are an essential part of that food chain and can be used with stunningly beautiful results.




Green Art, Inc   -   30 US-Route-1-Bypass   -   Kittery, Maine 03904   -   USA

Telephone: (207) 439-7700 (from abroad: 001-207-439-7700)






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