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Landscape Design and Consulting Services



My business, Green Art, celebrated it's 20th anniversary in 2015. Since the beginning in 1995 Green Art has been an innovative leader in stone masonry and artistic garden design. We offered installation services for more than twenty years. During that time I also gained a reputation as a stone sculptor.



Since 2015, Green Art's palette of services is limited to design and consulting work, as well as presentations about gardening for insects and other wildlife.

Besides residential customers I also serve commercial and public institutions and have a special interest in ecological designs for public parks and school gardens.


Layout and Hardscape Design:

A function-oriented approach is the foundation of a good design and answers questions about the general layout, infrastructure, water management, grading, etc. The beauty of a landscape project or garden is often a result of solving functional problems in a meaningful and elegant way.


Planting Design:

My plantings are rich in texture and color, and provide beauty and charm from spring to fall and even through the winter. In order to insure healthy, long-lived plants I carefully consider all site conditions. Many of my gardens contrast abundant natural elements with a degree of formality. At the same time I aim at a minimum of maintenance requirements.

Among my specialties are gardens structured by rock boulders and rustic stone work, filled with soft-textured grasses and cushions of groundcovers, and framed by flowering shrubs and perennials.


Fine Stonework:

My design customers benefit from my experience in the craft of stone masonry. Under my guidance, Green Art installed hundreds of beautiful landscapes along the Seacoast and in many locations in New England, from Boothbay Harbor to Rhode Island, featuring elegant walkways and patios, rustic fireplaces and Zen-inspired rock gardens of exceptional quality and beauty.


Promoting Nature:

Gardens play an increasing role in providing wildlife habitat.

Many native plants stand at the beginning of the food chain that ends up nourishing beautiful butterflies and birds. Healthy soils with an active microbial life are necessary for the overall health of the garden and its inhabitants. Gardens featuring native plants can be stunningly beautiful, and the amazing insect and bird life add a new dimension of enjoyment to the garden - resulting in one big celebration of life!



Green Art, Inc   -   30 US-Route-1-Bypass   -   Kittery, Maine 03904   -   USA

Telephone: (207) 439-7700 (from abroad: 001-207-439-7700)




Consulting visit:  first hour $150, every following hour $70 (plus $30/hr for driving if driving time exceeds 1/2 hr)

Design work: $70 / hr




I will talk about pollinators, their ecology and ways to support them in a PowerPoint-presentation in two Adult Education classes this May 2018:

Exeter Adult Education: Thursdays May 3 and 10, from 6:30pm to 8 pm

Kittery Adult Education: Tuesdays May 8 and 15, from 7pm to 8pm

Please register with the Adult Education Programs, Thank you.



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