The Green Art Garden:

a garden for nature and a space for art


I am in the process of creating a beautiful garden on the land of my former nursery.


The core of the garden, a semiformal area with richly textured borders wrapping around a rectangular lawn, is fully established. The beds contain flowering shrubs and roses, plants with colorful foliage, flowering perennials and soft-textured grasses. A number of ornamental trees have also been planted and will provide background foliage. Some of my sculptures are placed in these beds to enrich the textural experience.


A natural woodland has been seeded by mother nature herself before my time and is now dominated by mature Oak trees. This forest is being enhanced with native shrubs and various woodland plants. Besides Red Oak, there are groves of Paper Birch, Beech and Sugar Maple, and White Pine, as well as a few other native tree species. Bats are circling high up in the tree crowns on warm summer evenings and can be detected by listening to their clicking sounds.


Along the property edges I established screens and hedges that provide food and cover for birds (Amelanchier, Aronia, Rhus, Sambucus and others). Peonies and flowering shrubs, especially Lilacs, Hydrangeas and Roses, are an abundant source of cut flowers. Fragrant plants are found all over the property.

A number of theme gardens are under construction, such as the "Bottom of the Sea", which contains some of my fish sculptures. I am adjusting the plant choice of this garden to plants that resemble vegetation found in the ocean (with some imagination!).


Two Miniature Gardens are installed and will be refined over time. One is located on top of a mound in the woodlands and consists mainly of woody plants. The other is a rather typical rock garden planted with alpines and other dwarf perennials and trees. More miniature plants can be found in my tufa trough collection, which I created over the years and where I tested the hardiness and ease of cultivation of many dwarf conifers and alpines.


In 2012 I began working on the "Mother Earth Garden", which will be dominated by fragrant white-flowering shrubs and perennials. These are mostly native plants and important for pollinating insects either for their nectar and pollen or as food plants for caterpillars. A path leads to a round pond at the base of a ledge. Once I have some time I will carve the Mother Earth Goddess and place her at the edge of the pond. There she will be awaiting her veneration by the humble visitor.


Other garden areas are in the make.


A small farm is being carved out of the woodlands by my son - it is very unique and one of the most charming places on the planet - for those who have an eye for simple and natural beauty. But I'm not sure if visitors are allowed on the farm.


From spring to fall, watch out for the many butterflies and other insects that have made my garden their home. And please don't stroll off the paths so that young plants don't get injured.


The garden is open to visitors on Saturdays, or by appointment (call 207-439-7700 or email


 Location: Green Art, 30 Route-1-Bypass, Kittery, Maine. (directions)


works by Thomas Berger:







Painting with


Artistic Masonry Directions  


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