What to expect from a consulting visit?


A consulting visit can be an efficient and economical way to gather ideas for a new landscaping project, and to find solutions for many design and gardening problems. A consulting visit is 'on-site' design work.


Typical consulting themes:

- general layout, infrastructure, curb appeal

- soil, grading, drainage

- hardscaping layout and materials (driveways, edgings, walls, patios, stairs, etc.)

- new ideas for old gardens

- water features, ornaments, furniture

- selection and placement of garden sculptures

- plant selection (general layout or in detail)

- maintenance questions, sustainability


I often use spray paint to define the location of some important landscape elements. Tree and shrub planting locations can be marked and labeled with stakes. Plant lists can be compiled for different areas, as far as the time of the consulting visit allows for such detail. Sometimes a few additional hours of design work are enough to pin down the outlines of a project in writing or as a sketch. Refined plant lists can be compiled in the office at the regular design fee.


Let me know your landscaping goals so I can best serve your needs.



consulting visit: first hour $150, every additional hour $70/hr

design work: $70/hr

For further information or to make an appointment with Thomas Berger, please contact us by email or by phone (207-439-7700)




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